Sage to the Stage

About the Program

With the Sage to the Stage program, Power and Purpose Productions Inc (PPP Inc) will engage youth to promote health and well being through community and civic engagement. A sage is defined as someone having, showing, or indicating profound wisdom. We believe that each and every individual is profoundly wise and an expert regarding the details of their personal narrative. 

PPP Inc and its professionals will guide students ages 12-18 in adapting their personal stories for the stage. During the program, students will explore  instances where they have felt sad, alone, or troubled in any way and then artistically tell these stories with the help of their new mentors. Students will learn to use proper playwriting format, and will later get to see working actors and theater professionals (costume designers, makeup artists, set designers, and directors) bring their work to life in a culminating event. 

Students will also have  meetings with mental health professionals offering practical coping techniques and resources. The final phase of the program educates mothers/ caregivers of youth, arming them with practical coping techniques they may use to support their children with well being management and self-care tactics. 


Tann Moore (Mental Health professional and Artistic Director)

Ryan Gibson (Professional screenwriter) 

Spence Moore II (Professional actor)

David Wendell-Boykins (Lights and sound professional)

Peggy Taylor (Costume designer)

Nia Moore (Stage production and stage management)

The Sage to Stage program will be conducted solely by Power and Purpose Production's team of mental health and creative professionals. This program is suitable for classrooms, after school programs, churches, corporate entities, and other various groups. Due to the collaborative nature of this program the above-mentioned entities will, from time to time, participate in the logistical details and execution of the activities in the following ways: marketing, advertising, decorating, hosting, supplies, and supporting staff with managing groups, catering etc.